Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Yummy Item of The Day: "Makeup Not War" Tee.

I haven't done a "Yummy item of the day" in a few days which a couple of you readers have been asking me about! Guess you guys like seeing the items I randomly stumble upon in my daily fashion browsing, lol. Anywho, there's a uber haute women's streetwear line, DimePiece which creates some fantabulous graphic tees & more recently hoodies in their collection. For the winter season, the ladies of DimePiece are serving up an exclusive limited edition t-shirt just in time for the holidays and it's stamped with a great message! "Make Up Not War"! Peep the design on the shirt! It's too fierce, right? I love the lipstick theme. Pure Hauteness. Just a heads up - There are only 100 of these tee's being made. Visit to get this tee & while you're there check out the other haute tee's from this season's collection + past collections! ;)

Retail Price = $40.00

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