Thursday, December 6, 2007

Yummy Item of the Day: Max Factor Vivid Impact Highlighting Mascara.

Hi lovies! I have a yummy new makeup product for you today as the yummy item of the day. Yes, this is not a beauty/makeup blog but I believe makeup is apart of FASHION and I loveeeee me some makeup. Makeup is art. Fashion is art. You get it? Fashion for your Face! Makeup can at times be your best accessory. So I was reading the latest issue of Cosmo yesterday (with my girl Beyonce on the cover) and I always look at the AD's first for some reason! I came across a fantabulous one - it was Max Factor's new product with the beautiful spokeswoman Carmen Electra and she looked absolutely amazing! Her face was BEAT honey. I thought I was looking at a high fashion AD for a second until I read that the product was actually Max Factor's new Vivid Impact Highlighting Mascara! How genius is that? A double sided mascara. It not only lengthens and volumizes your lashes but it also gives them a pop of instant COLOR! I'm totally sold on this product. This mascara is perfect for glamming your eyes up for the holiday season - since you'll want to be more dramatic than usual I'm sure. And today is payday too? I will be running to my nearest Walmart to snatch up this mascara! ;) Will you?
(FYI: You can also get the product a tad bit cheaper at

Photos Courtesy of Maxfactor


As a little bonus, in case you want to pick up this lovely mascara, I'm gonna give you guys some tips on how to wear it. Make sure you save it to prevent walking around looking like a clown gone wrong!

How to Apply

-Apply the basecoat from the very base of the top lashes to the tip, working the wand outwards.
· Wait for the basecoat to dry (Note: if you don’t wait for it to dry the highlighting top coat won’t show up as vivid and will blend with the basecoat as opposed to highlighting lashes)
· Apply the top coat on the very tips of the top lashes and on the bottom lashes to create a highlighted look with a shot of color.
· Apply a few coats of top coat from base to tip on lower and upper lashes for a lot of color
· Apply topcoat on lower lashes only to create a multi-dimensional lash look.


· For green or hazel eyes – try Burning Bordeux shade to make the color of eyes pop
· For blue eyes – Try 24 Karat Brown to make Blue eyes pop and add a light, gold tint to lashes (need to emphasizes gold lightens lashes)
· For brown eyes- All shades work, especially the black and pink combo to make eyes pop
· For all – The most versatile is the black/silver combination when applied correctly above.

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