Friday, December 14, 2007

Major Bite: Carmen from Project Runway Is Still Doin It.

I've missed a few of episodes of Project Runway this season but I did catch up last night thanks to Bravo showing re-runs. Out of all the contestants that were kicked off, I must admit I was oh so sad to see Carmen go the most. I loved her. I was reading her bio and saw that she is definitely NO stranger to the fashion world. The most interesting fact that stood out to me was that she actually has a clothing line that she's been apart of for a few years called, Sistahs of Harlem. This chic line has been going strong since 2002. Sistahs of Harlem promises bring you nothing but "street couture" and that it does with a vengeance. I checked out the website and the line is nothing short of amazing! I'm especially in love with their latest Fall collection. The line is called, Powerful Women in Action. I'm in love. If you like what you see below, you'll have to make a trip to New York City, Houston or Tokyo get your shopping hands on an item from the collection. Those are currently the only locations that have the line available for retail purchase.

Sistahs of Harlem Fall 2007 Collection

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