Friday, December 7, 2007

Yummy Item of the Day: Coach Legacy Striped Tote.

I must admit I've never really been a fan of the COACH brand (yes I'm sure I'll get crucified for that admittance lol) But I have been paying much more attention to the brand this year. I actually just browsed through a COACH store two weeks ago and I was impressed, just didn't have the funds to grab anything! Darn, that credit card for coming so late. Anywho, I'm glad that they're finally stepping out of the fashion box to expand their collection with more than just their signature purses. But what would COACH be without their bags? Which brought my attention to this striped tote bag. I've always had a love for stripes. The colorful palette on this tote is simply superb - and the gold metallic trim isn't a bad touch either. I also found a wallet with the same stripe concept. Oh-so-chic! So why not go ahead & get both? ;)

Coach Legacy Striped Tote----$298.00
Coach Legacy Striped Framed Slim Envelope---$248.00

This COACH tote a little too pricey for you? Don't worry I found some cheaper alternatives for you lovies!

Tommy Hilfiger Striped Canvas Tote --$75.00

CIRA Hobo Bag--$48.00

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Stylecoach said...

Very nice coach bag. Its really cool!!!!