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Mai - Creator & Designer of Eart Dzine

Accessories! I love them.
They are the backbone & the essentials to making any outfit, POP! My favorite type of accessories are earrings. I've gone through at least hundreds of pairs. I just love finding a quirky, unique pair that most people wouldn't think about wearing! Hey, I think style should be unique, and I love being exclusive! And you know what's even better than finding a pair of unique earrings in a local shop? It's having a pair custom made for you with your own ideas ! How fantabulous is that? I had the pleasure of interviewing a jewelry designer who does just that. She comes straight from the hotttt MIA (Miami) and her one of a kind earrings are as equally on fire! She goes by Mai and she's definitely got talent! If you take a look at her picture above, she made those earrings. Yes, you are not being fooled! The pic was not photoshopped! Those are magazine cover replicas made into earrings and they fierce! Talk about fashion forward. Keep reading to get some more info about this ultra chic lady doing her thing!


Q. How long have you been making custom made unique earrings?

A. I actually started making them for myself and my friends about two years ago. Then last year I started receiving requests and selling them to people who knew my friends and co-workers. Things started to really take of so I decided to launch the business web site in June thru MYSPACE. It is really receiving a great response.

Q. What inspired you to start designing one of a kind earrings?

A. For one, I love huge earrings! The only thing that bothers me about them is their weight. Large earrings tend to be very heavy and can only be worn for a certain amount of time without weighing down or damaging the ear. I wanted the best of both worlds – style and comfort. I also love to design and draw so the ‘Art earring’ concept just developed naturally. Being that I am also the type of women that thrives on having a unique style, I wanted to share that with other women. I wanted to offer them the opportunity to create and wear earrings that would capture and reflect their own personal individuality and beauty.

Q. Do you make earrings for yourself to wear? If so, what is your favorite pair and why?

A. Yes, I do! I make earrings for myself all the time because I love to coordinate my clothes and accessories to the max! I have so many pairs that I absolutely love so I can’t pick just one . . . sorry :-(

Q. Approximately around how many pair of earrings would you say you'v emade so far to date?

A. I have made about 150 pairs to date.

Q. Your earrings aren't you average pair of earrings..They're different, artistic and fresh! I'm sure you get a lot of second looks walking down the street ?

A. That’s actually how I got started selling them. I’d make and wear my own earrings all the time to work, the mall and parties. Every time I was out and about I’d get inquires. People just loved them. That’s when a friend of mine suggested that I’d make a business out of it and the response has been phenomenal since!

Q. Typically what is the process like for making a pair of your earrings, from start to finish? How long does it normally take to complete 1 pair?

A. Making a pair of custom earrings is really time consuming because the process is two-fold - design and manufacturing. I usually start with a request and head off to the drawing board. I sketch out and create about 2-3 proofs that my client can choose from. Depending on my work load for the day, I can usually create the proofs within 24 hours. When the client has selected the proof or proofs that they want made into earrings I start the manufacturing process. This entails construction, assembly and the use of certain adhesive products that need to be dried over night. This part of the process can take about 2 days. I’d say from beginning to end it can take about three days but that all depends on the client and the speed of the repetroir that we can establish.

Q. What has been the most outrageous design or idea you've been asked to recreate?

A. Being that I consider myself to be a little outreageous because I like to push style to the limit, I think it would take a lot for me to be so taken by a design request. So far the designs although personalized for each individual, are still very main stream because that’s what people ask me for. I look forward to having clients that have ideas that are really over the top because I love to be challenged and I love to be unique.

Q. I saw on your myspace page that your earrings were worn in a runway show during Miami Fashion Week a yearback. How did that feel? I know that was exciting.

A. I felt very accomplished. I was excited and felt fortunate to have the opportunity to add my earring flavor an up and coming designer’s collection.

Q. Have your earrings been featured anywhere else? Any celebrities rockin eart dzines yet? I'm sure they will be soon! Who would you love to see wearing a pair of your earrings?

A. Not just yet. I’m actually working on a marketing package to get the buzz out. I think celebrities like Kelis, Fergie, Gwen, and Paris would really like them but I feel truly blessed when the average person appreciates them.

Q. Do you have any favorite jewelry designers?

A. Not really, I am constant changer. I don’t really get into the designer names because I tend to pickup pieces that stand out and catch my eye. Those type of accessories are usually found off the beaten track and don’t really carry a brand name.

Q. What are your future plans with eart dzine?

A. Wow! I have so many but for starters, I’d love to expand on the merchandise type. I’ve already incorporated necklaces. Maybe in the future, we’ll offer other accessories and fashion pieces.

Dying to your hands on a pair of these one of kind earrings? Know someone who would love a pair?
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