Saturday, September 29, 2007


So it's a Saturday night and my plans to go to DC to dance the night away got postponed. [sigh] What's a girl to do? Well, I figured I might as well take advantage of my free time - by catching up on my blog writing and doing some random fashion researching and e-shopping. How exciting. The life of a writer. My TV just so happened to be on and in my constant channel flipping, I stumbled across SOAPnet, and I saw the title "The Fashionista Diaries" pop up on the screen. I'm thinking Hmm, well what's a fashion show doing on a soap opera network? Nevertheless, I intensely watched the hour long reality show and learned that it follows 6 young fashionable hopefuls from all walks of life who learn how to crack into the tough fashion industry. Which is so true, it's definitely a dog eat dog industry! Man, where was I at during the casting call for this one ? [ pokes lip out ]

I particularly like how the show chooses to show more than just one side of the industry. They have PR, Magazine and Marketing. I already have a favorite cast member out of the group. Rachel. I guess I took a liking to her because I can identify with her so well. She definitely has the passion and drive for the industry but her lack of confidence to shine like she really should is what's holding her back. Just like me, at times. Unforunately, I think that may limit her opportunites in the end, but I hope she does well though. I was also pleased to see Andrew (previously from the now canned, Jane Magazine) on the show. I just love a man who knows his style, loves to good look but still knows how to be a manly man all at the same time. It doesn't hurt if he's a little bit uh, gorgeous too. ;) The show actually aired back in August, so I have to backtrack about 8 episodes to play catch up. So far, I like what I see with this show. This is like the cheat sheet for other twenty-somethings (such as myself) to get a live preview on what life is really like for a newbie in the fashion world. Believe me, I will be watching every week with my pen and paper in hand ready to take notes! The Fashionista Diaries airs Wednesdays at 9pm/EST on the SoapNET channel (Channel 262 on DirectTV).

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